What's Inside

Pin Traffic Mastery Full Curriculum

Everything you need to be successful on Pinterest from basic to mastery level using both organic and paid strategies.



Module 1 - Set Up

  1. Get Your Business Account Up & Running
  2. Claim Your Website
  3. Claim Your Other Accounts
  4. Add Rich Pins
  5. Complete Your Profile & Settings
  6. Auto-Publish Pins

Module 2 - Board Strategy

  1. Setting Up Your Boards
  2. Board Planning 1
  3. Time Saving Hack
  4. Board Planning 2
  5. Tune Your Home Feed
  6. What To With Your Current Boards
  8. Creating Boards
  9. How To Create A Board

Module 3 - Fast Traffic

  1. Fast Keyword Research
  2. Fast Pins
  3. Keyword Tool
  4. Fast Pins Cheat Sheet
  5. Fast Pins Workshop
  6. Fast Pins Workshop Supplement
  7. Fast Pins 2

Module 4 - Keyword Research

  1. Keyword Mastery
  2. Keyword Research 1
  3. Keyword Research 2
  4. Keyword Research 3
  5. Keyword Research 4
  6. Keyword Research 5
  7. Keyword Research 6
  8. Keyword Research 7
  9. Keyword Research 8

Module 5 - Hashtags

  1. Hashtags
  2. Hashtag Research

Module 6 - Board Optimization

  1. Board Optimization
  2. Optimize Your Boards

Module 7 - Featuring Boards

  1. Featuring Boards
  2. Featured Boards Showcase
  3. Profile Cover

Module 8 - Profile Optimization

  1. Profile Optimization
  2. Profile Examples
  3. Keyword Optimized Profile Rewrite
  4. How To Edit Your Profile

Module 9 - Pin Descriptions

  1. Pin Descriptions
  2. How To Write Keyword Optimized Pin Descriptions

Module 10 - Creating Pins

  1. Creating Pins
  2. Pin Inspiration
  3. Easy Pin Creation Tool 1
  4. Easy Pin Creation Tool 2

Module 11 - Promoted Pins

  1. Promoted Pins Overview
  2. Promoted Pins Quick Links
  3. Promoted Pins Glossary
  4. Setting Up Your Pinterest Tag
  5. Pinterest Tag Installation Instructions
  6. Verify Your Pinterest Tag
  7. Set Up Your First Campaign
  8. Promoted Pin Campaign 1
  9. Promoted Pins Cheat Sheet - Campaign 1
  10. Promoted Pins Campaign 1 Workshop

Module 12 - Pinterest Marketing Strategies 

  1. Board Build-Up Strategy

Module 13 - Pinterest Analytics

  1. How To Read & Analyze Pinterest Analytics
  2. Pinterest Analytics Glossary
  3. Pinterest Audience Insights Glossary

Module 14 - Google Analytics

  1. How To Setup Your Account & Property In Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Setup Instructions
  3. How To Read & Analyze Google Analytics

Module 15 - Group Boards

  1. How To Find Group Boards

Module 16 - Board Covers

  1. How To Create Board Covers FAST

Module 17 - Platforms & Marketplaces (COMING SOON)

Module 18 - Sales Funnels (COMING SOON)

Module 19 - Blog Posts (COMING SOON)

Module 20 - Affiliate Marketing (COMING SOON)

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  • FREE Private Strategy Call with Teresa Rose ($200 Value)

    Included is a private 1-hour strategy call with Teresa to help you maximize your Pinterest growth potential!

  • FREE Monthly Workshops (Priceless Ongoing Value)

    Attend monthly workshops live or watch the recordings later. PLUS, get access to ALL past recorded workshops.

What People Are Saying...

Testimontials from current members of the Pin Traffic Mastery program

Awesome Course

Awesome Course. Worth every penny. Still learning how Pinterest works and how it can help my business grow. Thanks Teresa! -Carlo C.

Streaks Ahead Of The Competition

I am really enjoying the course and have been right through the videos for the first time with quite a few revisits to some sections. The whole concept of fast pins is brilliant and definitely working for me. I hit lucky, as you know from the FB group, with one of my first ones and it has now brought 1.5K new hits to my website. I am pressing on creating more fast pins and not concentrating on over analyzing everything for now as you suggested. I realize there is a lot more for me to learn about Pinterest strategy so I can’t wait to see all the new content that is coming too. I am finding it a fascinating platform and, with your incredible insights, members of Pin Traffic Mastery should be streaks ahead of the competition eventually. Thank you for all the time you are taking to research, test and share all your knowledge. - Elinor F.

Loving This Course

Loving this course. Lots of great nuggets. - Chris T.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed when I first met Teresa at 2017 CES conference. She as coach, shared her knowledge and experiences of wholesale sourcing. The content she presented was so well organized that I felt I could learn and eventually master the skill by taking those small steps one by one and I actually did make good progresses. On the other hand, I’d been a big Pinterest user mainly for my personal interests in the past 3 years. When I was taking Teresa’s Pin Traffic Mastery course, I know Teresa completely decoded how to make the best use of Pinterest for your online or offline business and your success is her course’s best interest. In the past 10 years, as an internet marketer who could not write good content, I’d assumed that organic traffic was a mission impossible. However with Teresa’s PTM course, I got motivated to set up my Shopify store and take steps to set my business Pinterest account the right way because I believe I’ll get real organic traffic that are relevant to what I’ll be promoting. I will have the community updated when I have more progress. -Li Li


  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    If you are not happy, you will be refunded the total amount paid within the first 30 days of starting the program and your seat will be closed. The request must be made within the first 30 days of purchase. Keep in mind, you will no longer have access to the course or monthly trainings and will miss out on all future updates and continual program expansion additions. If you want to purchase the program again later, there is no guarantee it will remain the same price.

  • Who is this program for?

    Businesses of any size who want to benefit from increased Pinterest traffic and brand awareness exposure both online and off-line. Start driving traffic to your websites, blogs, online stores, marketplaces, or anywhere your products and services are sold immediately. The best training for social media managers and CMO's looking to improve results for clients and employers.

Meet Your Fearless Program Leader

  • Teresa Rose

    Owner & Founder of Pin Traffic Power

    Teresa Rose

    Teresa Rose is an e-commerce business owner, coach, and entrepreneur. She first began her e-commerce journey blogging, selling ebooks and physical products on Ebay and Etsy. She now sells on Amazon, in her own Shopify store, Wordpress blog, and on many Print On Demand sites. A few years ago, she realized people were sharing her website content on a platform called Pinterest. She began exploring Pinterest more seriously and realized how much potential there is for all serious business owners.