Why Write A Blog Post?

  • Free Traffic

    Content marketing brings in more traffic for FREE from the top search engines and lasts for years.

  • Increased Conversions

    Articles are the best and easiest way to convert cold traffic into warm buyers, raving fans, and loyal shoppers.

  • Provides Value

    It helps you build an email list faster by providing value to your visitors BEFORE asking them to buy anything.

  • Develops Authority & Trust

    Showing authority in a niche is difficult with just product pages. It is much easier to do in a blog post where you can offer visitors so much more help for free while earning their trust.

  • Builds Your Email List

    Once your visitors get to know you, your business and your brand through your blog posts, they will want to take the next step and get on your email list. Blog posts are great places to include your email opt-in boxes and build your list.

Are You Ready For More Organic Traffic From Both Google AND Pinterest?

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The Super Simple SEO Blog Writing Method Shows You How To

  • How to find low competition keywords in Google (with a method using free keyword tools - no paid keyword tools are needed) so you write about what your audience is searching for and wants

  • Write a blog post FAST using low competition keywords and the language of your audience

  • Scale up your traffic for both Google AND Pinterest that is absolutely FREE

  • Use the included 3 blog writing templates so you don't have to think about what to write

  • Create the 3 most popular types of blog posts that work great for any type of business

  • Leverage your finished blog post on Pinterest creating a TON of pins quickly

What's Included

NOTE: The Super Simple SEO Blog Writing Workshop Video Replay, Cheat Sheet, and 3 Blogging Templates are included in the Pin Traffic Mastery Course.

Need More Traffic?

Start driving in my organic traffic from both Google AND Pinterest faster using this super easy SEO method that takes very little time to master.

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Meet Your Workshop Instructor

  • Teresa Rose

    Owner & Founder of Pin Traffic Power

    Teresa Rose

    Teresa Rose is an e-commerce business owner, coach, and entrepreneur. She first began her e-commerce journey blogging, selling ebooks and physical products on Ebay and Etsy. She now sells on Amazon, in her own Shopify store, Wordpress blog, and on many Print On Demand sites. A few years ago, she realized people were sharing her website content on a platform called Pinterest. She began exploring Pinterest more seriously and realized how much potential there is for all serious business owners.