Do you need more streams of income?

How about more pins to fill your monthly scheduling quickly? Learn how to promote affiliate products on Pinterest the correct way without a website or selling your soul. Here is what's included in this course:

  • What affiliate marketing is, why consider it, and why companies love affiliate programs too.

  • What types of direct affiliate links are allowed on Pinterest and how to get started pinning.

  • How to disclose your affiliate link correctly in the pin description.

  • Commission structures and what types of affiliate programs work best on Pinterest.

  • What to include in your affiliate pin design.

  • How many pins to create and often you should schedule them.

  • How to get your entire system set up and organized.

  • How to find and apply to affiliate programs.

  • BONUS #1: How to run your first affiliate promoted pin campaign.

  • BONUS #2: Secret tips for even more success.

Course Curriculum

New for 2018!


  • Does this course cover Amazon affiliate links?

    No, the Amazon Associates program does not currently support Pinterest as an approved social media site. Instead, I will show you how to find other affiliate programs that work even better on Pinterest and pay more!

  • Do I need a website?

    Nope, this course is dedicated solely to showing you how to pin affiliate products directly in Pinterest. All you need is a business Pinterest account. Refer to the Pinterest For Business Set Up course for help on how to get your account set up quickly and ready to go.

  • Do I need a lot of Pinterest followers?

    Nada, but you do need to understand how the Smart Feed works in order to get the best pin distribution. This is all addressed in the Pinterest Keyword Mastery course. Most of your pins are actually found through a search conducted by a Pinterest user. Using excellent keywords is how they discover your pins.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Teresa Rose

    Owner & Founder of Pin Traffic Power

    Teresa Rose

    Teresa Rose is an e-commerce business owner, coach, and entrepreneur. She first began her e-commerce journey blogging, selling ebooks and physical products on Ebay and Etsy. She now sells on Amazon, in her own Shopify store, Wordpress blog, and on many Print On Demand sites. A few years ago, she realized people were sharing her website content on a platform called Pinterest. She began exploring Pinterest more seriously and realized how much potential there is for all serious business owners.

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