Ready To Set Up Your Business Account Or Give It An Overhaul?

Get everything set up and running smoothly in no time! Here is what you can expect from this step-by-step course.

  • Learn why you need a business account.

  • How to open a business Pinterest account or convert your personal account to business.

  • Instructions on claiming your website (if you have one) plus other accounts like YouTube & Etsy.

  • Understanding what rich pins are and how they can help you.

  • How to install rich pins for Wordpress & Shopify.

  • Completing your profile and settings.

  • The purpose of boards and how to strategize using the Board Planner.

  • Guidance in deciding what to do with your current boards (if you have some).

  • How to use secret boards.

  • The critical boards every business owner needs to create and how to get it done.

Course Curriculum

Fully Updated For 2018!

Course Bundles

This course is included in the following course bundles.

  • Pinterest Core Curriculum Bundle

  • Merch By Amazon Bundle

  • Shopify Bundle

  • Wordpress Bundle

Pricing Options

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  • What if I can't afford this course?

    It is easy to stay within your budget by choosing a monthly payment plan.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Of course, we want you to be happy! However, nothing will improve unless you implement everything in these courses. Contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, BUT you will lose access to all of your courses and all future updates and additions. If you decide you want to purchase this course again in the future, then you will pay the current price which could be higher.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Teresa Rose

    Owner & Founder of Pin Traffic Power

    Teresa Rose

    Teresa Rose is an e-commerce business owner, coach, and entrepreneur. She first began her e-commerce journey blogging, selling ebooks and physical products on Ebay and Etsy. She now sells on Amazon, in her own Shopify store, Wordpress blog, and on many Print On Demand sites. A few years ago, she realized people were sharing her website content on a platform called Pinterest. She began exploring Pinterest more seriously and realized how much potential there is for all serious business owners.

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